Denise Stuchul
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Denise Stuchul

7-12 Teaching Staff

Ms. Stuchul has been teaching science for over 20 years but took quite a detour to get there. From a very young age, she wanted to be a veterinarian and went so far as to receive a degree in Animal Science from Texas A&M. Life had other plans, though, and she instead went into the financial advisor field and worked in sales and business before returning to school to become a teacher. She loves camping, hiking, skiing, scuba diving and training dogs for various dog sport events. A mother of three adult children, Ms. Stuchul is always eager to help students develop and reach their fullest potential!

Fun facts about Ms. Stuchul:

  • Proudest accomplishment: Raising three terrific children
  • Now playing: Contemporary Christian
  • Favorite quote: "You don't have to do anything in this world except accept the consequences."