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Hannah Herring

Intervention Specialist

Mrs. Herring is a teacher who loves to have fun while she teaches! Connecting with her students and families is extremely important to her, so expect to hear from her soon and often. When she's not teaching, you can probably find Mrs. Herring outside if the weather is nice. She loves to garden, cook, read, exercise, and dance. At home she usually has music on, and she likes it to be loud. She tries to get some exercise every morning before the sun comes up because it helps to get her energy and creative juices flowing for the school day.

Fun facts about Mrs. Herring:

  • Favorite quote: "And now that you don't have to be perfect, you can be good." - John Steinbeck
  • Now playing: "Days Like This" by Van Morrison
  • First job: Working at my family's cheese factory, Pearl Valley Cheese. Check it out!