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Judith Hilinski

Special Needs Coordinator

Mrs. Hilinski began her teaching career in South Louisiana in a classroom with no air conditioning and nothing but a stack of legal pads, bundle of pencils, pack of chalk, and two erasers sitting on top of a scarred wooden desk. It's been an interesting ride to where she now sits - behind a sleek MacBook with materials from around the world at her fingertips. Mrs. Hilinski is married with three daughters, two grandchildren, and a great-granddaughter. Her great granddaughter is actually three months older than her grandson! In her spare time, Mrs. Hilinski likes to write poetry, cross-stitch, read, hike, and paint with watercolors.  

Fun facts about Mrs. Hilinski:

  • Proudest accomplishment: Working with Great Lakes Theater to produce A Mid-Summer's Night Dream when I taught English at an alternative school in Cleveland.  Though the rehearsals were rocky, the students' performance was amazing. After the play, they were overjoyed that they had accomplished a difficult task well.  Many said it was the first time their parents had come to see them in something. It remains my proudest teaching moment.