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Edmentum/PLATO: Submitting Documents to Drop Boxes

Some assignments in English and Physical Education courses will be submitted to a drop box. All drop boxes will be labeled as “Drop Box.” The drop boxes will show as a Tile with the symbol shown in the image below.

Open Drop Box

To open the drop box, click on the Drop Box Tile. Click on Upload New File

Select File

After clicking on Upload New File, you will see this screen. Click on the Select File button. 

Locate your saved file on your computer and click Open.

Upload File

You will now see your document on this screen. Click Upload File.

Submit File

You will see your file in the File Center. Check the box beside your file, and then click on Submit Selected File(s).

Click on the Submit for Scoring button. Then, click the Submit File(s) button.

This screen confirms that your file has been sent to the teacher for a grade.


When you return to your lessons page (where you see all units and lesson tiles). The top of the Drop Box Tile turns blue after a file has been submitted. 

The Drop Box Tile will turn green when the teacher grades the assignment. You will be able to see your score from your main lessons page.