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TRECA Flex 8-Week

Flexibility at its finest.

Program Overview

Our 8-week Flex program is designed for credit recovery, but can also be taken as a first-time credit. We offer four sessions: fall, winter, spring, and summer.

TRECA Flex enables students to take single, online courses while enrolled full-time at their local school. 

Program Type


Grade Level

9 - 12

Enrollment Status

Opens April 8, 2020

Session Length

8 weeks

Classes Start

June 10, 2020

Classes End

August 5, 2020 @ 4:00pm


$95 per .5 credit course

Life in the fast lane.

Our 8-week program is the fastest route to credit on your transcript! The program allows students, grades 9-12, to enroll in single courses while remaining enrolled in their local school. It's the perfect option for students looking to complete a course in advance of an upcoming semester or make up credit for a course they may have failed.

Entirely Online

Flex courses are delivered entirely online. This makes it easy for students to work at their own convenience, whether that's from the comfort of their own home or from school (with school counselor approval).


TRECA Flex courses are designed to allow students to complete coursework at their own pace. Finish before the end date? Great! You'll still receive credit!

Variety of Courses

We offer a variety of courses for students to choose from in core subjects like English, science, social studies, and math. We also offer electives such as physical education, health, and financial literacy. Looking for test prep courses? Check out Beyond High School!

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Sessions Year-Round

The Flex 8-Week program is conveniently offered year-round in the fall, winter, spring and summer (a.k.a. TRECA Summer School). Check out our upcoming sessions!

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The 8-week Flex program allowed me to make up credit just in time for graduation!
TRECA Student

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Enrollment Overview


First, speak with your counselor about the course(s) you would like to take and verify that your counselor will accept credit from this program. Then, check the system requirements below and run a system check, complete the online registration, and pay for the course(s) that you selected.

Getting Started

After you have completed your registration, download the "Getting Started" documents, as well as the syllabus for each course that you have enrolled in. We will send you an email the day before classes start with your login. Make sure to log in on the first day of the program. If you have trouble with your login, call the Help Desk at 1-888-828-4798, ext. 2791.

Getting Started

Program Completion

Transcripts will be sent to schools a week after classes end. You'll also have the ability to access your transcript online at the end of the session.

Want more information on the program?

Program Guide

Technical Requirements

Windows User

  • Browsers: Firefox (latest); Note: Pop-up blockers must be disabled.
  • Processor Speed/Memory: 1 GHz Processor; 1 GB RAM
  • Connectivity: High speed internet access. Satellite internet not recommended due to connection outages.

Mac User

  • Browsers: Firefox (latest); Note: Pop-up blockers must be disabled.
  • Processor Speed/Memory: Intel Mac; 1 GB RAM
  • Connectivity: High speed internet access. Satellite internet not recommended due to connection outages.

Required Free Plugins

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