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TRECA Digital Academy

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Program Overview

TRECA Digital Academy is our full-time, online program that enables K-12, Ohio students to take all of their coursework online. It's the perfect option for those in search of a more personalized and flexible educational experience!

Program Type


Grade Level

K - 12

Enrollment Status


Session Length

180 days



Equipment Provided

Laptop and iPhone with hotspot internet connection

The full-time experience.

We're fully public and completely non-profit. All of our graduates receive an Ohio high school diploma– just like at any other school. Our students find great jobs, and our graduates are accepted by both the military and colleges across the country. We work hard to provide the best possible distance learning opportunity. Everything we've designed meets all of Ohio's Learning Standards.


TRECA provides students the flexibility to learn on their time. So whether you travel or work during the day, we’re still here for you. Our only requirement is that students log in 5 hours a day, Monday through Friday.


Our continuous progress model allows students to complete courses at their own pace. If a student excels at a course, they’re able to move on to the next! If a student struggles, we’re there to provide extra one-on-one support.

Support System

Even though we’re online, that doesn’t mean students are on their own! We surround each student with regular contact through a support system that consists of teachers, advisors, school counselors, SAFE specialists, and more.

Zero Cost

TRECA Digital Academy is 100% tuition-free! Any Ohio K-12 student can enroll. There are no special fees, and we provide all of the gear.

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Online Outpost

TRECA Digital Academy provides each student with a laptop to complete their coursework that is full of interactive content and projects! Students utilize a comprehensive and interactive online curriculum that meets all of Ohio’s achievement standards. 

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Stay Connected

Full-time students receive free iPhones as part of the equipment package. The iPhone provides students with a hot spot internet connection, so they can connect to their coursework anytime, anywhere.  With the iPhone, students can also connect to their teachers via video, voice, messaging, and so much more!

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