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Orientation Information

All students are required to attend an orientation session at a TRECA regional office prior to starting school. This session will last approximately three hours. You will be invited to an orientation once your application file is complete. Students are not enrolled in TRECA Digital Academy until they attend an orientation.

The orientation session will give you the opportunity to meet some of our TRECA staff, to review the student handbook, and to ask any questions you may have. You will also receive hands-on training on how to use various components of your computer and the TRECA classroom environment. At the end of the orientation, students take home their computer equipment (computer, scanner, etc.). This will be your equipment to use throughout the academic year.

Please do not attend an orientation without prior confirmation from TRECA staff. If you attend without confirmation, your equipment may not be available and you may not be able to enroll in TRECA Digital Academy that day. Confirmation is required since all equipment must be individually configured for your home location. Call our office at 888-828-4798 to register for your orientation session.

Records required on the day of student orientation:*
Copy of birth certificate or hospital record

Immunization records or completed exemption form. Exemption forms can be provided upon request.

Proof of Ohio residency. A copy of a deed, mortgage statement, lease, homeowner's or renter's insurance declaration page, property tax bill, utility bill, paycheck or pay stub, bank statement, voter registration, notarized statement of residency, USPS return receipt from certified letter sent to legal guardian by district of residence, written confirmation from the Dept. of Job and Family Services of current address of the legal guardian, or written confirmation from a local law enforcement agency of the current address of the legal guardian. Document must include the full physical address, full date (month/day/year), and legal guardian's name.

Copy of custody order or divorce decree (if applicable). Under Ohio law, proof of custody must be provided to TRECA for any student for which custody has been determined by a court. Please provide entire document with court stamp and judge’s signature, including any operation or shared parenting plans.

Records that must be submitted within 14 days:
High School Transcript (with Grades and Credits)

Test Scores (with Ohio State Proficiency Test)

Most recent Grade Card, showing grade level attained

Home Schooling Documentation, if any

Special Needs (IEP and ETR/MFE) Documentation

*Failure to provide required records can result in a delay in enrollment and a second orientation to be scheduled.