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Our Instructional Design

TRECA Digital Academy provides online instruction to students in Kindergarten through 12th grade. Our teachers and support staff work with students and their families to meet students where they are and help them grow to reach their academic goals.  Considerations for academic programming include previous background information and student records, demonstrated strengths or weaknesses, learning styles, and academic assessments.  The Ohio Learning Standards, adopted by the Ohio Department of Education, guide the instructional design of TDA’s curricula.

All students in grades K-12 receive core instruction through the use of high quality online content providers that are reviewed and vetted by the teachers and curriculum support staff.  At both primary and secondary grade levels, highly qualified teachers manage and actively modify the online content to support student learning and growth. Our teachers do this based on their expertise of grade level standards and general needs of students to ensure that differentiated, top-notch course content is delivered to students at every login. Students are engaged in learning tutorials with engaging graphics, audio narration, intermittent questioning, practice opportunities and regular assessment of skills. Additionally, content understanding is solidified in a variety of ways by the classroom teachers, including teacher created supplemental resources and instructional tools, emailed narrative feedback on key assignments, and real-time online appointments. Student understanding of concepts is demonstrated through online work, offline activities or projects, student-created audio/video recordings, and live meetings with teachers.

The student-teacher-parent relationship is very important to us. While each student works at varied levels of independence with their teachers, TDA is dedicated to providing transparent educational services and opportunities for parents to contribute to their child’s learning. Student progress and grades are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through the Brightspace environment. Additionally, classroom teachers and advisors are available to discuss the performance of students, help parents interpret the data illustrated through the progress and grade information in Brightspace, and offer assistance in refining approaches to personalized learning.