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TRECA Test Prep

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Program Overview

The TRECA Test Prep courses are comprehensive, online preparation for exams such as the ACT, SAT, and ASVAB. These courses are for practice only (not for credit).

Program Type

Supplemental Instruction

Grade Level

9 - 12

Enrollment Dates

November 10, 2018 -
January 25, 2019 @ 4:00pm

Session Length

8 weeks

Classes Start

January 30, 2019

Classes End

March 27, 2019 @ 4:00pm


$45 per test per subject

Sharpen Up!

We all know how stressful testing can be. So much is at stake! Why leave it chance when you can sharpen your knowledge with professional help? TRECA's courses are designed specifically to help prepare students for important tests! They're perfect for those looking to get ahead of the game.

The Test Prep program offered me amazing opportunities to get ahead and be better prepared for placement tests!
TRECA Student

College Readiness

One facet of our Test Prep program is preparation for college entrance exams. We offer numerous courses in the following three areas:

ACT (American College Testing)

The ACT measures high school students’ academic readiness for college in the areas of English, mathematics, reading, science, and writing (optional). The ACT is a timed test. All college and universities accept the ACT test, although some may require a minimum composite score for entrance.

SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test)

The SAT is a college entrance exam that is used by most college and universities. This is a timed test which assesses students on math, evidence-based reading, writing, and essay section (optional).


Accuplacer is an untimed college-readiness assessment in the areas of reading, writing, math, and computer skills. These tests help you and your college assess your academic skills for proper placement in college courses.   

Career Readiness

We also offer a number of great courses to help students prepare for the workforce after high school. Before exploring our courses, read more about the unique benefits of each test:

See our Test Prep course offerings.


Enrollment Overview


Speak with your counselor about which Test Prep courses best fit your needs. Check out our system requirements, and consider running our system check for the device you plan to use. After that, it's as easy as completing the online registration and paying for your selected courses!

Getting Started

Once you're successfully registered, you'll receive an email the day before classes start. It will include details with your login information. If you have trouble with your login, simply call the Help Desk at 1-888-828-4798, ext. 2791. While you wait for your session to start, download our "Getting Started" documents so you can read up on what to expect!


Program Completion

After the program concludes, we'll send a survey to get your feedback! Since these courses are not for academic credit, you won't need to worry about a transcript. We encourage you to work with your school counselor to schedule the next available exam while the material is still fresh in your mind!

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Technical Requirements

Windows User

  • Browsers: Firefox (latest)Note: Pop-up blockers must be disabled.
  • Minimum Processor/Memory: 1 GHz Processor; 1 GB RAM
  • Connectivity: High speed internet access. Satellite internet not recommended due to connection outages.

Mac User

  • Browsers: Firefox (latest); Note: Pop-up blockers must be disabled.
  • Minimum Processor/Memory: Intel Mac; 1 GB RAM
  • Connectivity: High speed internet access. Satellite internet not recommended due to connection outages.

Required Plugins (Free)

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