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Convenient and Flexible Online Learning

TRECA is committed to delivering the convenience and flexibility of online learning without compromising quality. Through our full-time, part-time, summer school, test prep, and technical programs, our students learn within a comprehensive and interactive curriculum that meets all of Ohio’s Learning Standards. We’re a non-profit organization whose mission is ensuring every student has meaningful learning experiences despite the obstacles they may face.

Who We Are

Schools are schools, right? Ehh... not quite. Some are big. Some are small. Some teach fast. Others teach slow. Some focus on the sole mission of preparing students for college. Others devote their time to teaching specific skills.

At TRECA, we believe each student has unique needs and unique passions. You can't make education any one thing. In order for students to succeed, we believe their individual needs must come first. This is why we built our philosophy around one idea: helping students find their path.

What We Believe

We want to provide all students with a meaningful learning experience – despite the obstacles they face. We’ll prepare them for tomorrow by...

Removing Barriers

Every student faces obstacles. They take different shapes and forms, but one of our biggest beliefs is that student success is dependent on removing these barriers. Our staff works with each student to understand his or her unique situation and eliminate as many barriers to learning as possible.

Building Relationships

Both in the classroom and out, we believe students need to be equipped with relational skills to help them be successful in all walks of life: their jobs, their families, their friends, their futures. And to do this, we start by building meaningful connections with our students from day one!

Making Learning Relevant

"When will I ever use this?" We've all asked this question at some point. At TRECA, we want to help students see why education is important, how it connects to future goals, and that it can be fun in the process!

Our story

Our journey began in 2001 when we became one of the first e-schools in the state of Ohio. In our first year we served almost 700 students. Fast forward to today, and that number has grown to over 2000! From the very beginning, we were focused on one thing: our students. We knew if we wanted them to have a successful educational experience, it required putting their needs first. And that's what we've done every step of the way.

  • 2001: TRECA opens and provides each student with a desktop computer. 
  • 2006: Student Assistance Family Engagement (SAFE) program is created to provide consultation on social-emotional and family problems that may be serving as barriers to learning.
  • 2009: TRECA Flex begins allowing any Ohio student to take single, online courses while enrolled full-time at their local school.
  • 2010: TRECA transitions from desktop to laptop computers and provides each student with a High Speed Internet connection.
  • 2011: The advisor position is created to expand each student's learning support system and provide additional communication with families.
  • 2014: TRECA provides each student an iPhone with a hotspot internet connection to allow students to learn anytime and anywhere. 
  • 2016: The parent portal is created providing parents easy access to student progress and grades.

TRECA Board of Directors

The Board of Directors meet monthly at 107 N. Main Street, Marion, Ohio 43302. Meetings begin at 9am and are held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month. 

Jim Craycraft 1 Jim Craycraft 2
Jim Craycraft
Board President
Fran 1C Fran Voll 3
Fran Voll
Board Vice President
Kate Fisher 1 Kate Fisher 2
Kate Fisher
Board Member
Jeremy Dunn 1 Resize Jeremy Dunn 2 Resize
Jeremy Dunn
Board Member
Ray Funk Ray Funk 2
Ray Funk
Board Member

Local Professional Development Committee

The TRECA Local Professional Development Committee (LPDC) reviews coursework and professional development activities completed by staff members to determine if requirements have been met. 

TRECA LPDC Plan of Operations

Meeting Schedule

The LPDC meets at least three times a year. The next scheduled meeting will be posted as soon as the time and location become available.