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We work hard to make college transcript requests as easy as possible for our families. We're happy to now offer this process digitally! Simply click the button below, complete the form, and we'll assist you in getting your student records to the right colleges, employers, and other institutions*.

(And think of all the paper we'll save by going digital. Woohoo!)

*This form is ONLY for requesting transcripts sent to colleges, military, employers, and other institutions. To request a transcript sent to your school, please email

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Are you an institution or organization seeking student records? Please email

How The Online Request Works

We offer digital forms to streamline your request process. No more paper... No more envelopes... No more postage... You only have one thing to worry about: your or your student's info! Easy peasy.

Simply submit the form. The system will automatically notify our counselor team, and a TRECA staff member will get your transcript sent out as soon as possible! (Requests can take 24-48 hours.)

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Your data is submitted securely, and it's stored safe 'n sound in the cloud! Each document is uniquely tagged and authenticated.


Digital forms make the process fast and easy. Clear form fields, e-signatures, copy and paste. All at your fingertips!


Parent or guardian not home? No worries! Send them the link to this page, and they can complete it from a computer, tablet, or phone.