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March 03, 2017

Digital Academy students visit the American Whistle Corporation

On Friday, March 3rd, TRECA Digital Academy students participated in a tour of the American Whistle Corporation! American Whistle Corporation is the only manufacturer of metal whistles in the United States! Students learned who buys whistles and why, and then saw the process of manufacturing a whistle from raw material to the packaged product. The whistles are made out of solid brass in order to deliver a consistent high frequency, rich demanding alarm that commands attention. They are also the only manufacturer of rubber Safe-T-Tips in the United States. This rubber cover slips over the mouthpiece of the whistle and protects the teeth and lips from impact and extremes in temperature. Students were able to see mechanical engineering at work in one-of-a-kind machines. And now we know, how the ball gets inside the whistle! 

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February 28, 2017

Digital Academy students visit the National Air Force Museum

On Tuesday, February 28th, TRECA Digital Academy students participated in a tour of the National Air Force Museum! We started our visit by watching the movie Aircraft Carriers 3D. This was a 30 minute film that showed the demanding and dangerous skills required to operate an aircraft carrier. We then completed a 'highlights' scavenger hunt that took us from the first flight to modern jet aircraft. We toured several different galleries and learned various things about military aircraft, technological advancements and several facts about key people who lost their lives in various battles. Students learned about the different types of aircraft that were used in Korea and Southeast Asia and what the different types were used for. We also had the opportunity to visit the new section of the museum where we learned about the presidential aircraft and toured a few of the past presidential planes! 

February 23, 2017

Digital Academy students visit the Imagination Station

On Thursday, February 23rd, TRECA Digital Academy students visited the Imagination Station! Students had a great time exploring each of the Learning Worlds while learning about earth science, energy conservation, engineering and healthy habits. In Energy Factory, students received a glimpse into the world of oil refining and solar power. In Water Works, students learned about the slippery science of water and explored nature's most powerful resource. They learned about nutrition and exercise in Eat It Up and how the choices you make affect your body. The students could then get their hearts pumping as they ran in the Wheel of Fire! In the Mind Zone, students discovered how the mind processes, interprets and creates illusions and perceptions. We also had a few dare devils among us that rode the high wire cycle, which is 18 feet above ground, suspended on a one inch cable! Students also tried the BOYO! Using similar science principles to a classic yo-yo, they could try to propel up to 13 feet in the air. By the looks on their faces, this one was harder than it looked!

We also visited the special exhibit, LEGO Brick: Sky High Science. Students saw 13 large scale skyscrapers made entirely out of LEGO bricks (which by the way, are not glued together). Over half a million LEGO bricks, weighing 2,700 pounds was used for this exhibit. Students could also put their creativity to the test by building their own structures. To celebrate National Engineering Week, the museum was featuring Dowel Construction who hosted an architecture project: Students could use two tools, dowel rods and rubber bands, and let their imagination do the rest. We have some future engineers that had a great time with this!

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January 11, 2017

TRECA Named a Winner of Mawi Learning’s Powerful Educator Grant

We're proud to announce that TRECA is a winner of a grant for Mawi Learning’s Powerful Educator blended professional development course. As one of 10 schools awarded grants, we join the other winners in supporting 10 educators who will put the growth mindset into action to inspire staff, transform student learning, and build a culture of success. The Powerful Educator course leverages the pioneering research from Dr. Carol Dweck and Mindset Works, the global leader in growth mindset training for educators and students, alongside Mawi Learning’s years of proven success.

Mrs. Bryant, Special Needs Director at TRECA, applied for and received the grant on behalf of TRECA. We are thrilled that Elisha and 10 additional TRECA staff members will have the opportunity to participate in the Powerful Educator blended professional development course. The knowledge they gain through this program will be instrumental in how we build a culture of success for our staff and our students at TRECA.