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Frequently Asked Questions

General TRECA Digital Academy Information

Who can enroll in TRECA Digital Academy?

Residents of the state of Ohio who are at least 5 years old by August 1 and no older than 21 years old at the time of enrollment.

Are there any fees or expenses associated with TRECA Digital Academy?

TRECA Digital Academy is a public community school, which means that tuition is free to students who are residents of the state of Ohio. However, students may need to purchase additional consumables, such as paper and ink cartridges.

Do I need to provide my own internet connectivity?

TRECA will provide students with Internet if they reside within a Verizon wireless coverage area. If cellular service is not accessible at the student's residence, reimbursement for the student's connectivity may be provided on a monthly basis.

Technology Requirements

Are computer skills required to enroll?

Computer skills are not required, but basic computer skills can make the transition to online learning easier.

Do I need to provide my own computer?

No, TRECA will provide students with all necessary hardware and software for use while attending TRECA Digital Academy.

What hardware will I get?

Students will receive a mobile computing device. Computer models are provided based on availability at the time of enrollment. K-5 students with special needs will also receive a color printer and scanner. In addition, students will receive an iPhone upon enrollment. The vision for the use of the iPhone is to provide TRECA Digital Academy students with a truly anywhere/anytime school experience with access to learning opportunities and enhanced tools for communication with teachers and staff.

Do I have to use the TRECA provided equipment?

No; however, when students elect to use their own equipment, our Call Center will not be able to assist with any hardware problems. Regardless of the hardware being used, students will be required to use the software that is currently being used on the TRECA computers. Otherwise, access and work flow between students and teachers cannot be assured.


How will I communicate with my teacher?

Teachers can be reached by email, phone or web-based interactive classrooms during office hours. The office hours are posted in each teacher’s classroom. Parents and students are encouraged to contact teachers as often as they wish. Students who choose to receive an iPhone will also have access to their teachers via text messaging.

Can I graduate early?

Students are given the ability to work at their own pace. This empowers them to work ahead and potentially earn more than the typical five credit hours each school year. Upon completion of a course, students will have the opportunity to enroll immediately into the next required course for graduation.

Am I required to take Ohio's state mandated test?

Yes, the state of Ohio requires all students to take the tests regardless of the school they attend. We provide students with dates, times and convenient locations for testing.

Will I receive an authorized State of Ohio diploma?

Yes, upon completion of all graduation requirements, TRECA Digital Academy students receive a high school diploma.

Will I have to report to a school designated location?

Upon enrollment, every student is required to attend an initial orientation session prior to the start of classes. Students will also be required to take the state-mandated tests at a designated location. If students are not making progress or are at risk of becoming truant, TDA administration may require mandatory face-to-face meetings with the student and family to address any and all barriers to learning. Other than these required face-to-face events, travel is not required. However, we do encourage students to participate in field trips and events scheduled around the state in order to participate in engaging educational activities.

Special Needs Students

Can students with disabilities or special needs enroll in TRECA Digital Academy?

Yes, TRECA will provide a licensed intervention specialist and individualized instructional programming to students identified as having a disability who have an IEP. TRECA will also provide specified services such as speech therapy, occupational therapy, and/or physical therapy.

How do you determine how much support a child needs?

Each child is unique! To ensure the success of your child, you should monitor progress on a weekly or bi-weekly basis and maintain communication with your child’s teachers. Our program is built around the commitment to helping every student succeed as an individual, providing whatever organizational and academic support needed.

How will my child’s needs be met?

The needs of the child will be met according to the Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Service options may include general education classes without modifications, general education classes with modifications from an Intervention Specialist, a combination of resource room classes and/or strictly through resource room classes.

What is the process for identification of a child with special needs?

If a child is struggling academically, the parent or teacher may ask for a meeting with the Intervention Assistance Team (IAT). The IAT will meet to discuss the needs of the child, identify the problem(s) and develop a plan of intervention. Contingent to the outcome of the plan, the child may or may not proceed to further testing by a team of professionals.

Will assistive technology be provided?

Any needs for assistive technology will be assessed and reasonable accommodations will be made, as needed.

Will my child be required to take Ohio's State Test or other state-mandated testing?

All students are required to take the Ohio state-mandated tests unless determined otherwise at IEP meetings.