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Important Information

Helpful Tips

  • Add TRECA's number as a contact in your phone so you don't miss important calls from us. Our phone number is (888) 828-4798.
  • Use the Evolve Portal to check on your student's attendance, submit an absence, and more.
  • Reach out to our SAFE team if you or your student are experiencing social-emotional or family problems that may be serving as barriers to learning and keeping students from reaching their full potential. We're just a phone call or email away and are here to help however we can.


TRECA students are required to log in to Brightspace and complete schoolwork every scheduled school day in order to be counted present. Students need to work 5 hours and 10 minutes each day, and a total of 25 hours and 40 minutes each week. If students do not meet the required hours, they may be automatically withdrawn as required by the State of Ohio. You can find the full Attendance Policy in the Student Handbook.

If you need to request an excused absence for your student, please submit the absence in the Evolve Portal using these steps.

State Testing

State testing is required by the State of Ohio each year. TRECA will mail a testing letter with information about dates and times to the student's address prior to their tests. Please make sure to keep your address up-to-date in Evolve so that your testing letter arrives on time. Click the link below to find out when your student will be taking tests.

For more information about Ohio's state tests, please visit the Ohio Department of Education's website.


Evolve Portal

The Evolve Portal is a tool you can use to check your student's attendance, submit offline hours, and request excused absences. If you forget your Evolve login information, please contact the Help Desk.

Portal Login

The Evolve Portal allows students and families to access info about attendance and make changes to demographic information. If you forget your login information, please contact the Help Desk.


Technical Help

The Help Desk has a great set up guides to help families navigate the Evolve Portal. Some topics include how to enter offline student time, update your contact information, submit an absence, and more! Visit the Help Desk page for more helpful guides. If you can't find what you're looking for, you can contact our staff or submit a ticket to support.


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Family Resources

Technology Resources

TRECA Barrier Busters videos cover topics like checking attendance, monitoring progress, and more!

Google provides information about making technology work for your family, including online safety, screen time, and parental controls.

Google also has information for parents and guardians about online tools used for digital learning.

Special Education Resources

The Ohio Department of Education provides a guide to parent rights in special education. This guide gives you information and resources to help you understand your student’s special education supports and services.

The Ohio Department of Education provides resources for families of students with disabilities including a guide to IEP evaluation, reading tips, and how to get involved with your student's education.

Family/School Partnerships

You can find all of our Navigation Station recordings on our YouTube Channel.

The Ohio Statewide Family Engagement Center provides parenting resources and support for family and school partnerships.

This link provides academic information by grade band from the Ohio Department of Education.

The Action Team for Partnerships (ATP) is a committee of stakeholders (educators, parents, community members, students) who work together to promote student learning and achievement from a family engagement perspective. 

The goal of the ATP is to strengthen the relationship between home and school and empower families to be proactive in their students' education. To conduct this work, the ATP creates an annual one-year plan that allows families and the school to work together for the shared goal of school improvement and student achievement. Visit to learn more.

One Plan is a comprehensive school improvement initiative that uses a series of evidence-based strategies and action steps to meet school needs and improve outcomes for all students. Visit for more info.

Other Resources

Explore a variety of family-friendly activities across Ohio with this Family Fun guide from the State of Ohio.

The Ohio Network for Military Families and Veterans connects families of military members to online resource information and tools.

The Coalition on Homelessness and Housing in Ohio (COHHIO) is a statewide coalition of hundreds of housing organizations and homeless service providers throughout Ohio that promotes homeless prevention programs, emergency shelters, and permanent affordable housing with supportive services.

The Student Assistance & Family Engagement (SAFE) team provides assistance to TRECA students and families that are experiencing social-emotional and family problems that may be serving as barriers to learning. Our SAFE staff can make home visits and work with families to help access resources they might need. Our SAFE page also has a link to mental health resources, including local and regional organizations in Ohio. If you're in need of assistance or just need someone to talk to, please reach out! We're always a phone call or email away and are here to help however we can.

Social Emotional Learning is the way young people learn skills to manage stress, handle difficult emotions, make big decisions, and build healthy relationships with others. TRECA provides access to BASE Education, which is a program that helps students learn more about themselves and supports things like mental health, self-awareness, social awareness, relationship skills, self-management, and responsible decision-making. Visit for more information.

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is a non-aversive behavioral framework that uses evidence-based practices to improve school climate and culture, achieve improved academic and behavior outcomes, and increase learning for all students. TRECA Digital Academy believes the school environment should be one that ensures the care, safety, and welfare of all students and staff members. Efforts to promote positive interactions and solutions to potential crises will be used. If a student’s behavior presents a threat of immediate harm to the student or others, the use of approved physical restraint or seclusion to maintain a safe environment may be used as a last resort. Visit for more information.