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TRECA Tech College Credit Offerings

The following TRECA Tech courses are available for college credit. All courses qualify for three post-secondary credit hours.

Cybersecurity Pathway

TRECA CourseCourse #College Course #Institution
Computer Software145030CTIT005Participating public*
Cybersecurity Defense146010CTCYBR001Participating public*

Interactive Media Pathway

TRECA CourseCourse #College Course #Institution
3D Techniques145120CTIM007Participating public*
Digital Graphics145100CTIM002Participating public*
Multimedia145105CTIM003Participating public*
Web Design145010CTIM004Participating public*

Web Programming Pathway

TRECA CourseCourse #College Course #Institution
Web Programming145060CTPROG001Participating public*
Web Design145010CTIM004Participating public*
Animation and Games145115CTIM001Participating public*

*The “Participating public” college credit offerings are through the State of Ohio Career-Technical Credit Transfer (CTAG) program. To earn this college credit, the students must obtain and submit an application to TRECA within 6 months of graduation. Colleges must offer courses similar to the TRECA Tech courses. To find out if your college of interest offers CTAG credit, click HERE. Note: This link should be considered a guide to CTAG credit. Students considering CTAG college credit are encouraged to discuss their interests with their counselor and college admissions office.