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TRECA Tech College Credit Offerings

The following TRECA Tech courses are available for college credit. All courses qualify for three post-secondary credit hours.

Cybersecurity Pathway

TRECA CourseCourse #College Course #Institution
Computer Software145030CTIT005Participating public*
Cybersecurity Defense146010CTCYBR001Participating public*

Interactive Media Pathway

TRECA CourseCourse #College Course #Institution
3D Techniques145120CTIM007Participating public*
Digital Graphics145100CTIM002Participating public*
Multimedia145105CTIM003Participating public*
Web Design145010CTIM004Participating public*

Web Programming Pathway

TRECA CourseCourse #College Course #Institution
Web Programming145060CTPROG001Participating public*
Web Design145010CTIM004Participating public*
Animation and Games145115CTIM001Participating public*

*The “Participating public” college credit offerings are through the State of Ohio Career-Technical Credit Transfer (CTAG) program. To earn this college credit, the students must obtain and submit an application to TRECA within 6 months of graduation. Colleges must offer courses similar to the TRECA Tech courses. The links below should be considered guides to CTAG credit. Students considering CTAG college credit are encouraged to discuss their interests with their counselor and the college admissions office.