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Enrollment Policies

TRECA Digital Academy is a nontraditional online school designed to serve at-risk students who are not learning effectively in more traditional educational environments. Because TRECA is a distance learning school, the ability of its students to learn independently in their own homes, using an online educational program, is an essential element of TRECA's program.

TRECA Digital Academy serves students who are at risk of dropping out of or failing to learn effectively in their current educational settings (or other such educational settings as are available to them in their respective public school districts) and who have a desire for, and whose education can be optimized by, a program of online instruction in an independent environment that does not include most ancillary components of a more traditional education.

The categories of students who fall within TRECA's definition of “at risk” and who are, therefore, eligible to enroll are limited to the following:

  • Students who are performing at or above grade level but who seek a more challenging curriculum and, in particular, who wish to capitalize upon the enrichment potential of individually-paced and independently-completed online instruction.
  • Students who are performing below grade level and who wish to focus their education exclusively on an independent online course of study, starting at the student’s current skill and knowledge level and building forward at a pace determined by the student in collaboration with online instructors.
  • Students who have been removed from school for disciplinary reasons but who are committed to and capable of regaining their focus on academic pursuits in the independent and solitary context of online instruction delivered in their homes.
  • Students who are already successfully learning at home but whose home-schooling is insufficiently comprehensive and requires the kind of augmentation offered by TRECA's formal and standards-based online curriculum.
  • Students who are transient and seek the stability of a portable online educational program that is not linked to, and does not utilize, any particular physical school facility.

Additionally, a student’s enrollment and successful participation in the school are predicated upon the following:

  • The student and the student’s parent/guardian must provide within the home, at all times during which the student is engaged in TRECA's program of study, adult supervision of such a nature as to ensure the student’s safe and responsible participation in the program.

Occasionally, face-to-face meetings with teachers or other staff may become necessary. In such cases, and except as otherwise agreed by TRECA or required by law, the meetings will take place at TRECA's central office in Marion, Ohio.