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iPhone Capabilities

Here, we answer a few of your most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the iPhone and how it can enhance your free online education with TRECA Digital Academy.

What is TRECA's vision for the use of iPhones?

To provide all TRECA Digital Academy students with a truly anywhere/anytime school experience with access to academic opportunities and enhanced tools for communication with teachers and staff.

What will students receive?

An iPhone with a Verizon Wireless data connection and hotspot functionality enabled.

Do students have to receive an iPhone to attend TRECA Digital Academy? Can parents choose not to take the device?

Students do not need an iPhone to attend TRECA Digital Academy and complete their online coursework. As stated in the vision, the iPhone deployment is to enhance access to learning and communication with staff, but it is not required to do so. In the event that a parent chooses to decline receipt of an iPhone, students will be deployed an activated netbook or a laptop with a Verizon USB adapter.

How and when will students receive the iPhones?

Students are issued iPhones along with all their other equipment at their new student orientation.

What happens if a student iPhone is broken/damaged/stolen/lost?

In the event that an iPhone is damaged or malfunctions, students can return it to TRECA to explore possible warranty coverage. If the issue is covered under warranty, the device will be fixed and returned to student. If the issue is not covered, alternate arrangements for getting student connectivity will be made. If your phone is stolen, please immediately file a report with your local police, and contact the TRECA Call Center right away.

Due to Apple policies surrounding iPhones, we're presently unable to track the location of our student iPhones on behalf of our families. If you'd like to have this capability in the event your phone is lost or stolen, please set up a free Apple ID as soon as you receive your TRECA-issued iPhone. Once created, you can utilize the Apple ID to set up Apple's Find My iPhone feature on your TRECA iPhone. This Apple support article will guide you through the steps. 

Will students be able to place and receive phone calls from the device?

All TRECA Digital Academy issued iPhones will be activated with data only. They will not have active voice plans on them, thus the ability to place and receive phone calls is impossible. The iPhones are an enhancement of the students’ ability to communicate with teachers and staff.

How will students utilize the device to communicate with teachers/staff?

We will leverage the functionality of Apple’s iCloud account to use the Messages application on the phone. This allows students and TRECA staff to send text messages back and forth.

Will the iPhone’s Internet browsing be filtered?

Absolutely! All web traffic on the device will be filtered with the same controller used to block sites on all TRECA issued equipment.

Will the iPhone hotspot feature allow non-TRECA devices to connect to the Internet?

Yes, the hotspot feature creates a personal wifi network that students/family can utilize to connect any devices they choose. However, it should be noted that the more devices connected to the hotspot, the weaker/slower the connection. The connection is only intended for educational use. Use for activities such as recreational viewing of streaming services (e.g. Netflix) will result in substantial non-educational data usage. Content is monitored, and TRECA reserves the right to control speed and data.

Will students have the ability to install applications on their iPhones?

Yes, students will have the ability to use the App store to download and install apps of their choosing. Administrator controls on the devices will allow TRECA to restrict access to apps that exceed a certain rating (such as those identified explicit). It is essential that everyone understand that TRECA is not creating the Apple ID required for students to purchase apps. This is something that parents/guardians will have to decide as it may involve the use of a credit card for purchasing. There will be no requirement from TRECA for students to purchase apps, so an active account is not necessary for school purposes.