Digital Academy students get a jump start at Career Day
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Digital Academy students get a jump start at Career Day

May 18, 2017

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What will you be when you grow up? On Thursday, May 18, TRECA Digital Academy students got a jump start at Career Day! Students heard from a Natural Resources Officer, a Personal Trainer, and TRECA's very own resident Archaeologist, Mr. Burcham, and Artist, Mr. Monnin. The speakers discussed the schooling that was required for their career paths and the various paths students could take. All speakers had a common piece of advice for students: volunteer or get a summer job where you would like to work to help get your foot in the door. They also recommended to pay attention in school and do something you love!

The Toledo Zoo came in for our afternoon session. Students learned all about extinction and why it is happening to some animals. We had five special visitors join us: a vinegaroon, a cross-eyed opossum, a very soft chinchilla, a turtle, and a snake. Students were very engaged and asked a lot of great questions throughout the day!

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