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Digital Academy students visit the American Whistle Corporation

March 03, 2017

Posted in Events

On Friday, March 3, TRECA Digital Academy students participated in a tour of the American Whistle Corporation! American Whistle Corporation is the only manufacturer of metal whistles in the United States! Students learned who buys whistles and why, and then saw the process of manufacturing a whistle from raw material to the packaged product. The whistles are made out of solid brass in order to deliver a consistent high frequency, rich demanding alarm that commands attention. They are also the only manufacturer of rubber Safe-T-Tips in the United States. This rubber cover slips over the mouthpiece of the whistle and protects the teeth and lips from impact and extremes in temperature. Students were able to see mechanical engineering at work in one-of-a-kind machines. And now we know, how the ball gets inside the whistle! 

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