Digital Academy students visit the Learning Tree Farm
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Digital Academy students visit the Learning Tree Farm

October 25, 2017

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On Wednesday, October 25, TRECA Digital Academy students visited the Learning Tree Farm. It was a chilly day, but students were bundled up and ready to learn! Students toured the farm and learned all about pioneer living. They visited the 1800’s farmhouse and saw the toys children played with back then. They also toured the bank barn that was built to protect the animals from the cold. Students were able to meet several animals including goats, baby pigs, and even took turns catching and holding chickens! They learned that ducks produce more eggs than chickens, and it takes 24 hours for a chicken to lay an egg. After visiting the barn, students toured the garden and learned about different kinds of plants. They were able to taste test radishes, green peppers, sugar leaf, and peas. The day ended with a hike in the woods and a trip to the pumpkin patch. It was a fun-filled day on the farm! Thank you to all the families that joined us, and thank you to the Learning Tree Farm for having us!

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