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Digital Academy students visit Union Ridge Wildlife Center

September 22, 2017

Posted in Events

On Friday, September 22, TRECA Digital Academy students visited the Union Ridge Wildlife Center in Wilkesville, OH. The center is a non-profit organization dedicated to wildlife rescue, and the field trip provided an inside-look at what it takes to run a wildlife center! Students went on a three-hour walking tour where they learned the difference between wild and domesticated animals, how and why wildlife rescue centers are necessary, and more! On the tour they met many of the center’s furry residents, including Gumby the camel, Jimmy the bald eagle, and Noah, a 2-year-old tiger. After the tour, students split into groups for hands-on learning activities that involved dissecting owl pellets, making a magic book about what they learned, and completing a bird beak adaptation lab. It was a great experience for our students and families! Thank you to the Union Ridge Wildlife Center for having us!

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