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Student earns associate degree during her junior year with TRECA!

September 20, 2017

Posted in Stories

Jessica Poiry is a returning student in her senior year with TRECA. She discovered the College Credit Plus program her freshman year. It was with the help of TRECA, her counselor, and admissions at Owens Community College that she was able to obtain her General Associate of Arts at the end of her junior year with TRECA. She is now pursuing her bachelor’s degree through BGSU in conjunction with TRECA’s College Credit Plus, all while still studying to earn her high school diploma! Jessica explored other high schools to enroll in while working toward college degrees, and she found that TRECA was the most organized and efficient. She also found that she would be able to complete more semester hours while attending TRECA than any of the other high schools she was considering. Jessica plans to complete her bachelor’s in pre-law at BGSU and hopes to go on to study law in Indiana. Way to go Jessica!

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