Digital Academy students visit COSI
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Digital Academy students visit COSI

February 28, 2018

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On Wednesday, February 28th, TRECA Digital Academy students visited COSI, the dynamic Center of Science and Industry, in Columbus, OH. Students began the day in the Giant Screen Theater watching the film Tornado Alley. Students watched researchers from the Vortex project chase tornadoes through tornado alley in the largest scientific mission on storms ever conducted. After the film, students had the opportunity to explore many of the COSI exhibits. To name just a few, students learned about our prehistoric past in the Dinosaur Gallery, they traveled through time and interacted with technology from 1898 and 1962 in the Progress exhibit, and they explored what makes us human in the Life exhibit. It was a great experience for all of our families! Thank you to COSI and all who attended!

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