TRECA Digital Academy students participate in Career Day
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TRECA Digital Academy students participate in Career Day

May 17, 2018

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On Thursday, May 17, TRECA Digital Academy students participated in Career Day! The day began learning all about robots from guest speaker, Ritch Ramey, coordinator at RAMTEC. RAMTEC provides robotics and advanced manufacturing training to high school and adult learners. Students learned about different types of robots and rotated between several stations consisting of drones, an NAO humanoid robot, a 3D printer, a Universal Robots Collaborative Arm, and LEGO EV3 Rovers. Our next speaker was TRECA’s very own art teacher, Mr. Monnin. He shared with students his job responsibilities as a teacher and career opportunities in the field of art. He also taught students how to make origami claws! Our afternoon speaker was Peter Sklar, New York-based lecturer and talent scout. He shared with students honest life and career advice. The day concluded with a visit from the Toledo Zoo. They brought several animal friends including a tomato frog, Virgin Island boa, uromastyx lizard, and Kung Pao, the silky, Chinese chicken. Students learned all about the animals and the amazing adaptations they have made to their environments.

Thank you to all of our guest speakers and families who attended!

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