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Students tour the Cincinnati Fire Museum

February 21, 2019

Posted in Events

On Thursday, February 21, TRECA Digital Academy students took a field trip to the Cincinnati Fire Museum.

Cincinnati is known throughout the world for its advancements in the American fire department. In 1853, it boasted of the nation’s first paid professional fire department created by law. It also housed one of the first fire departments that combined the newly-invented steam engine with horses. This combination became the model for other cities across the country.

On the tour, students explored various exhibits and learned about the history of firefighting techniques. One of the first fire prevention measures was a black leather bucket filled with water that all households were required to have in their homes. When they heard the sound of the alarm, which was a beating drum, local homeowners were all required to respond to the scene of the fire with their bucket of water. If they didn’t, they were fined $5.

Not only did students learn about the history of firefighting and prevention, but also about fire safety and modern prevention measures. To top it off, students were able to slide down the fireman’s pole and run the lights and sirens on a replica fire engine! Thank you to the Cincinnati Fire Museum for an educational tour and to all the firefighters who help keep us safe every day!

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