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Students visit the Center of Science and Industry

February 15, 2019

Posted in Events

On Friday, February 15, TRECA Digital Academy students visited the Center of Science and Industry (COSI) in Columbus, OH.

Nearly 200 students and their families attended our trip to COSI, making this one of our largest field trips! Students had the chance to explore a variety of amazing exhibits. From exploring the depths of the earth in a real working submarine to riding along a tightrope on COSI’s popular sky-high unicycle, there was nonstop learning and fun! Families also had an opportunity to see live crocodiles, and in a new exhibit, Crocs- Ancient Predators in a Modern World, they learned how crocodiles communicate, hunt for food, and care for their young. To wrap up the day, students watched Incredible Predators, taking an intimate look at the world of predators and the strategies they use to catch their prey.

TRECA greatly appreciates COSI’s help in providing a wonderful field trip filled with hands-on learning and exploration!

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