Students visit the Cleveland Botanical Garden
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Students visit the Cleveland Botanical Garden

September 13, 2019

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On Friday, September 13, TRECA Digital Academy Students visited the Cleveland Botanical Garden in Cleveland, OH.

The Cleveland Botanical Garden is a nonprofit organization home to 10 acres of outdoor gardens and an 18,000 square foot glasshouse. The glasshouse is home to two microclimates; the Madagascar desert and the Costa Rica rainforest. Students were led by a tour guide through the glass house, learning about the unique plant and animal species that are specific to the region. 

After exploring the glasshouse, students went on a tour of the outdoor gardens. A highlight for many was the Western Reserve Herb Garden, where students were allowed to touch and smell the many herbs growing along the path. Students also saw the garden’s most popular plants, including one that smells like buttered popcorn and one that smells like peanut butter! Families were amazed as tour guides explained how the “sensitive plant” folds its leaves upon being touched. It’s still a mystery to researchers why the plant responds to touch by folding up! 

Thank you to the Cleveland Botanical Garden for a wonderful and educational tour.

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