Students visit The Farm at Walnut Creek
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Students visit The Farm at Walnut Creek

October 25, 2019

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On Thursday, October 24, TRECA Digital Academy students visited The Farm at Walnut Creek in Sugarcreek, OH.

Students were able to see how farmers make a living off the land. They were able to see horse-drawn buggies, and learn about the different types of horses that are used for various jobs around the farm. Students started the visit with a wagon ride, where students saw buffalo, llamas, giraffes, deer, elk and many more! Students learned how to feed the different types of animals, and which animals not to feed! 

Students then toured the grounds, learning about guinea foul, pheasants, quail, kangaroos, and porcupines. Students learned about the non-electric farmhouses and viewed the summer and winter kitchens. The basement stores all of the farm’s canned goods; great preparation for winter! The Farm at Walnut Creek is a working farm, so there is always something to see!

Thank you to The Farm at Walnut Creek for an amazing visit!

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