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Students visit the Velvet Ice Cream Factory

May 16, 2019

Posted in Events

On Tuesday, May 14, TRECA Digital Academy students visited Velvet Ice Cream, in Utica, OH.

Mr. Dager founded Velvet Ice Cream, making the dessert by hand and using small-scale equipment. In 1960, the company moved to Ye Olde Mill. Mr. Dager named the ice cream “velvet” after a coat he had that was velvety smooth. The same family that founded Velvet Ice Cream, still owns it today. In fact, the company is getting ready to celebrate it’s 105th year of making ice cream in Utica.

Students learned about the steps to make ice cream, and the four key ingredients: milk, cream, sugar, and water. Their production staff is made up of 12 people, who work 9 hours a day. This small crew is responsible for producing over 5 million gallons of ice cream each year! Students saw the employees in action as they visited the Viewing Gallery. After seeing the production first-hand, students received samples of ice cream to try for themselves.

Thank you to Velvet Ice Cream for a sweet visit!

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