Students visit Union Ridge Wildlife Center
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Students visit Union Ridge Wildlife Center

October 08, 2019

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On Friday, September 27, TRECA Digital Academy students visited the Union Ridge Wildlife Center in Wilkesville, OH.

Union Ridge is a nonprofit wildlife rehabilitation center home to dozens of rescued animals. Many animals only stay at the center for a short time to recover from an injury before being released. Some animals, like the four pelicans on site, are permanent residents. These animals have suffered injury or disease that would not let them survive in the wild. 

Cy, the owner, is a social worker by day, and rehabilitation specialist by night. He introduced students to many of the animals at Union Ridge. Students visited the two resident bald eagles, met several capuchin monkeys, and even came up close with a couple of tigers! Students learned how much work goes into caring for these animals, and the flexibility needed to adapt to constantly changing laws surrounding wildlife care.

Thank you to Union Ridge Wildlife Center for a very special field trip!

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