Students visit the Toledo Police Museum
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Students visit the Toledo Police Museum

February 28, 2020

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On Friday, February 21, TRECA Digital Academy students visited the Toledo Police Museum in Toledo, OH. 

The museum showcases the rich history of the Toledo Police Department through exhibits that provide hands-on interaction. Students followed a timeline highlighting the history of the police department and significant historical events. The museum featured many original artifacts from the police department, including a Call Box. Students learned that a Call Box was used to summon firefighters by pulling a lever in the box. The box would then send a telegraph message to alert firefighters. 

Students also learned about the history of women and African Americans in the Toledo Police Department, as well as forensic art. Several interactive exhibits featured in the museum included a replica jail cell, having a mugshot taken, and turning on police car lights. Students viewed many artifacts from the department’s history, and learned what old equipment, uniforms, and technology were used.

Thank you to the Toledo Police Museum for hosting TRECA!

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