Students visit Johnston Farm and Indian Agency
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Students visit Johnston Farm and Indian Agency

October 27, 2021

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On October 20, TRECA Digital Academy students visited the Johnston Farm and Indian Agency in Piqua, OH.

Through costumed interpreters, students learned about what life on the Ohio frontier was like for the Johnston family in the 1800’s and the important role that even small children played in the farm’s operation. Students took a guided tour of the farm and saw the kitchen, work room, refrigerator room, and more. Many of the items in these rooms, like a weaving loom, were original pieces.

Students then toured the museum, learning about the important role of trading between settlers and indigenous people. The museum also highlighted the important impacts that various Native American tribes had on the culture and trade in Ohio.

Canals in Ohio were built as a way for people to send their goods to market, leading to an economic boom and the growth of many towns along the canal route. With the rising popularity of the railroad, canals soon fell out of favor and were abandoned. Students rode aboard the mule-powered General Harrison canal boat and viewed an old lock system along the route. This field trip was a favorite for many of our families!

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