Students Visit MVP Dairy
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Students Visit MVP Dairy

April 27, 2022

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On April 26, TRECA Digital Academy students visited MVP Dairy in Celina, OH.

MVP Dairy is a state-of-the-art dairy farm on the forefront of sustainable farming practices. With a focus on biodiversity and regenerative farming, MVP Dairy and its four sister farms are the first and only dairies to receive all four certifications from Validus: Animal Welfare, Worker Care, Environmental Responsibility, and On-Farm Security. One hundred percent of the milk produced at MVP Dairy goes to Danone to make yogurt.

Students learned about sustainable farming through interactive displays and videos before taking a tour through the dairy barns. MVP has 6 free stall barns, which give the cows more room and help prevent diseases. Students saw first-hand how a flush system and “sand lane” work to clean the barn floors. MVP Dairy is able to recycle 95% of the sand they use in this system on a 5-month cycle. This was a great tour where students learned a lot about regenerative farming, sustainable farming practices, and biodiversity.

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