Students Visit the Ohio Wildlife Center
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Students Visit the Ohio Wildlife Center

May 09, 2022

On May 6, TRECA Digital Academy students visited the Ohio Wildlife Center in Powell, Ohio.

The Ohio Wildlife Center is dedicated to fostering awareness and appreciation of Ohio’s native wildlife through rehabilitation, education and wildlife health studies. During the visit, students were split into groups and participated in activity rotations to learn about the seasonal adaptations of Ohio’s wildlife. Students had close wildlife encounters with a box turtle, a southern flying squirrel, and a black rat snake. We learned how each animal protects itself, how the animal stays warm, and why they can no longer be released into the wild.

Students toured the property and saw a variety of animals including a coyote, raccoons, red fox, bald eagle, American crow, and great horned owls. Finally, students had a short lesson outside about greenhouse gasses, deforestation and biodiversity.

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