Students Attend K-3 Event
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Students Attend K-3 Event

September 11, 2023

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On September 7, TRECA held a K-3 Diagnostic event in Marion, OH, with over 150 people in attendance. 

Students followed a schedule throughout the day to complete diagnostic testing for reading and math, complete a writing prompt, do a vision screening, take a dyslexia screening, and enjoy some fun gym time.

While students were testing, TRECA held informational sessions for the parents. For the morning session, the Marion-Crawford Prevention Program held 'Hidden in Plain Sight' for families. This interactive parent education program allowed parents to walk through a virtual bedroom showing hidden and not-so-hidden signs of risky behavior and mental illness. After parents had the chance to tour the room, they were given a debrief on the items found in the room, pertinent problems in the local community, and how to start conversations with their children. The Marion Police Department Impact program talked with our families about internet safety, the types of issues they are seeing in the community, and how parents can be proactive. Families were also given two books at the end of this session: one book for parents called 'The Boogeyman Exists and He's in Your Child’s Back Pocket' and a book they could read with their student, 'Oh, No...Hacked Again!'.

Afternoon sessions for parents consisted of the Federal Programs Review Meeting, How to Navigate Gmail/Google Meet, How to Enter Student Time, Learning Partner Expectations, and going over the GATOR Way. When students were done testing, they received school supply bags and gas cards for attending, won small prizes, received a free book, and stopped at the ice cream truck on their way out the door!

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