Students Visit Brukner Nature Center
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Students Visit Brukner Nature Center

November 03, 2023

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On October 26, TRECA Digital Academy students visited Brukner Nature Center. 

Brukner Nature Center is a 235-acre nature preserve home to over 50 wildlife ambassadors who are unable to be released back into the wild. Students were split into groups for a guided tour as part of the nature awareness program, which is a great introduction to Ohio’s wildlife and natural ecosystems. Families visited several wildlife ambassadors in the Bird Room, Mammal Room, and outdoors. In a wildlife encounter, students pet a grey rat snake while learning about their ability to climb trees. While relaxing in the Tree-Top Brid Vista, students watched many birds visit the bird feeders and listened to their calls. Finally, students took an interpretive hike and learned about a variety of habitats. The fall colors made for spectacular views along the way!

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