Students Visit Proving Ground Farm
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Students Visit Proving Ground Farm

September 29, 2023

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On September 29, TRECA Digital Academy students visited Proving Ground Farm.

Proving Ground Farm is a functioning farm with trails, ponds, wetlands, and 80 acres of cropland. On this field trip, students rotated through various experience areas around the farm. Sessions covered a myriad of topics related to wildlife, natural resources, conservation, water quality, and farming. Students also learned about different types of crops animals eat and how their digestive systems work differently from that of humans. Students participated in a water study by the creek. They were encouraged to splash around to see what animals they could find and think about what their presence told us about the quality of water in that area. After taking a wagon ride and nature hike to learn about various trees and plants, families had fun with catch-and-release fishing. This was a great hands-on experience for students and a great activity for them to get to know their fellow classmates!

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