Students Visit the Ohio Statehouse
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Students Visit the Ohio Statehouse

April 12, 2023

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On April 4, TRECA Digital Academy students visited the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus, OH.

The Statehouse contains the meeting rooms of the Ohio Legislature, the office of the governor, and the ceremonial offices of the treasurer and auditor of the state. The guided tour began in the map room which depicts Ohio’s 88 counties. Students learned that Chillicothe and Zanesville served as the capital cities of Ohio prior to Columbus becoming the state’s capital in 1812. After passing through the rotunda where President Lincoln’s body once laid, students walked through the atrium connecting the Statehouse and Senate buildings. This area was formerly known as 'Pigeon Run' after the pigeons who gathered on the rooftops which travel between the buildings a challenge! Students then visited the Senate and House chambers where representatives meet to discuss and vote on legislation. The “people’s gallery” seats are open to the pubic, and you can go in any time to attend live legislative sessions or watch the sessions on a live stream. To conclude the tour, students visited the Ohio Statehouse Museum to learn about elections, law-making, executive agencies, and more.

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