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Edmentum’s PLE courseware is online mastery-based curriculum. Most modules contain a tutorial, an application, and a mastery test. Students will work through and gain knowledge about the lesson through the tutorial. They will practice the skill through the application. Then, they will complete the mastery test. Students must score at least 80% to complete each mastery test. If the minimum score is not earned, the mastery test will lock. The student will review the tutorial and practice the application. After reviewing, the mastery test will unlock for the student to take again. Students repeat this process until the mastery test is complete. We recommend that students take their time and go through all parts of the module (lesson) before taking the mastery test initially.

Getting Started

View the Edmentum Course Navigation document before getting started. It may be wise to print a copy for reference. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can take Test Prep courses?

With counselor approval, any student in grade 9-12 in the state of Ohio!

How can I see what courses are available?

All course offerings can be found here.

How much does it cost?

The cost per test per subject is $55. You can pay online with credit card or through mail using a cashier’s check or money order. Full payment is due before the registration deadline.

How do I register?

You can create an account and register entirely online.

How will I know that I am registered?

TRECA will send an email with your login information the day before classes start. 

Do I need to attend in person?

Nope! The coursework is completely online.

What if I experience technical issues or need help getting started in my course?

There are many people available to help you! You will receive contact information in the getting started email. The TRECA Help Desk is also available Monday-Friday from 8am-4pm and respond within 24 hours. They can be reached by email at support@treca.org or by phone at 888-828-4798, ext: 2791.

Are extra credit opportunities available?

Sorry! Extra credit is not available.

Are IEP accommodations made in this program?

IEP, 504 and any other accommodations are not provided in TRECA Flex; therefore, it is important that you speak with your counselor to make sure that online courses are the right option.