Ben Burcham
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Ben Burcham

7-12 Teaching Staff

Prior to coming to TRECA Mr. Burcham was an Archaeologist. He traveled all over the Midwest excavating historic and prehistoric archaeological sites. Around 2012, Mr Burcham decided to go back to school to pursue his degree in education. He was then hired by TRECA to be a Student Advisor, a role he enjoyed for 9 years. Mr Burcham is now the Middle School Social Studies teacher and he gets to bring his unique background to the classroom to help further the understanding of Social Studies by our fantastic students.

Mr Burcham currently lives in Mount Vernon, Ohio with his wife Joanna, his four children, Jimmy, Juli, Dede, and Charlie, and his dog Koda. They live in a house nestled in the woods and enjoy all of the wildlife that visit their house daily. Mr Burcham loves carving, and in his free time you can usually find him outside carving something in wood or stone.

Fun facts about Mr. Burcham:

  • Favorite subject: Ohio's prehistoric past
  • Proudest accomplishment: Our children
  • First job: Corn Detasseler