Gregory Sink
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Gregory Sink

7-12 Teaching Staff

Mr. Sink is a teacher, computer guy, car fixer, and dad of three adult kids. He enjoys math and computers and has been programming since the good old days of IBM punch cards. He now enjoys Java, C#, digital graphics, Unity game crafting, and cybersecurity. Mr. Sink was once close enough to say hello to Bill Gates, but that wasn't as eventful as pulling up at a stop light in Columbus next to Barry Manilow in a really fast Corvette. Mr. Sink's current project is rebuilding a Chevy Suburban and supporting his kids' colleges in Ohio.

Fun facts about Mr. Sink:

  • Favorite subject: Computer programming and politics
  • Favorite quote: "If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants." - Issac Newton. 
  • Now playing: Santana, good vocals, and Imagine Dragons with some classic Jazz
  • Favorite book: Anything political
  • My hero: My wife who puts up with me.
  • First job: In a bakery
  • Proudest accomplishment: Having three great kids who have grown to be great adults.