Heidi Grabauskas
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Heidi Grabauskas

7-12 Teaching Staff

Mrs. Grabauskas has her bachelor's degree in mathematics from The Ohio State University and earned her master's online. She is a Math Teacher at TRECA and believes that every student can learn math! When she's not teaching math, you can find her reading books on math and mathematicians. Some of her favorites are: The Man Who Loved Only Numbers, The Man Who Knew Infinity, and Zero: Biography of a Dangerous Idea. Mrs. Grabauskas was born in Ohio and is first-generation American, but believe it or not, German was her first language! She met her husband online and they now have two sons. They love traveling together!

Fun facts about Mrs. Grabauskas:

  • Favorite quote: "Be humble, but first make sure you have something to be humble about."
  • Favorite book: I love reading biographies!
  • Favorite TV show: Alone, Pit Bulls and Parolees