Kristina McLaughlin
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Kristina McLaughlin

Assistant Director of Curriculum and CTE

Ms. McLaughlin (or Ms. M) has been working in education since 1997 when she started as a tutor at an alternative school. She taught in Salem, Massillon, and Youngstown before starting at TRECA as an English Teacher. Ms. M. loves teaching reading and writing to students of all ages. When she's not working online, she enjoys painting, photography, and traveling. She especially enjoys flying to California to spend time with her daughter and son-in-law!

Fun facts about Ms. McLaughlin:

  • First job: At an auto parts store, behind the counter. I loved working in the garage on cars with my dad growing up, so it was the perfect job for me.
  • Now playing: Heavy metal and classical - an awesome combination! 
  • Favorite activity: I like taking cooking classes so I can prepare better meals!