Laura Miletti
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Laura Miletti

Speech Therapist

Mrs. Miletti has been working as a speech-language therapist for 25 years. She has had experience in a variety of settings with infants through the elderly population. Mrs. Miletti has a husband and 2 children. Her daughter is a holistic nutrition coach and yoga instructor with a specialty in cancer, as well as an actress. Her son is in a Doctor of Physical Therapy program. Mrs. Miletti is happiest when she is spending time with her kids, and she also loves to travel.

Fun facts about Mrs. Miletti:

  • Favorite subject: Spelling - not sure if that's even a subject anymore!  
  • Now playing: A variety including pop, jazz, R & B, and classical.
  • Proudest accomplishment: Looking at how my children turned out, and knowing that I influenced them to be such amazing people.