Lisa Adkins
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Lisa Adkins

Title Teaching Staff

Mrs. Adkins (or Mrs. A) has been a teacher since the last century and an online English teacher with TRECA since 2002. She is amazed she has been a teacher for longer than many of her students have been alive! However she does feel young at heart when she is doing one of her favorite parts of the job: meeting with students in Jigsaw. In her spare time, she often has a hard time choosing between her favorite activities (Netflix, knitting, and napping), so she will often choose a good book instead! Mrs A is married with two children. Her pet guinea pig, Ginger, keeps her company while she works. 

Fun facts about Mrs. Adkins:

  • Proudest accomplishment: Teaching myself to knit and crochet. Learning never stops! 
  • Now playing: Toss up between Led Zeppelin and Hamilton Soundtrack 
  • Favorite quote: “Imagination is our super power!” - LeVar Burton