Rebecca Swartz
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Rebecca Swartz

7-12 Teaching Staff

Ms. Swartz has been teaching for more than 30 years! Besides her family, teaching is her passion and hobby. All the things Ms. Swartz loves to do, she integrates into a lesson, advice, and a smile. Historically, she taught in a brick and mortar school for 22 years and spent two of those years teaching in Budapest, Hungary. In her spare time, Ms. Swartz owns a bakery with her husband who is a pastry chef! She has two sons, a dog named Henry, and a cat named Maggie. Her family enjoys cooking, reading, food, watching movies and sports, and trying to keep fit; however, sometimes it is a challenge when they need to sample bakery products from time to time!

Fun facts about Ms. Swartz:

  • Favorite quote: "Don't think of me as gone; I have just slipped away into the next room."
  • Favorite book: All But My Life by Gerda Weissmann Klein
  • First job: Lifeguard