Entering Student Time in the Evolve Portal
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Entering Student Time in the Evolve Portal

Introduction to Entering Student Time

A helpful feature of Evolve is the ability for parents or guardians to log the time that their students spend performing school-related activities. For instance, if a student spends time on an offline activity such as studying flashcards or a project, this time needs to be captured so that TRECA teachers can properly allot the time to the student’s learning hours.

This is very important, because school-issued computers can only track activities that are performed while on the computer, and we want our students to receive credit for the wide range of learning opportunities that they attempt.

Please note - field trips are entered by our staff. 

Accessing the Student Time Schedule

To begin, log into your Evolve Parent Portal account via the Evolve Portal sign in page.

If you have any questions or issues with your parent portal login information, please call the TRECA Call Center at 888-828-4798, ext: 2791.

Selecting the Schedule

Once logged in, if you have multiple students in your account, be sure to select the correct student at the top. Then, select the Schedule button in the bottom right. 

From here, select Report Student Time.

Enter the assignment description, and be sure to include block, week, assignment name and other pertinent detail.

Example:  Block 7, Week 2, Assignment Name

When a student works past midnight into the next day, two entries will need to be made, as shown below. 

Student time will display as pending until the teacher approves or rejects the entry. If the time entry is rejected, the status will display the teacher’s selected rejection reason, as shown below. 

Viewing Student Time Summary for All Classes and Activities

Select the Home icon at the top right-hand side of your screen, to go back to the homepage. 

Select Attendance and Student Calendar.

Select Student Time Summary.

Search allows the user to filter student time by course, activity, assignment description or date.

Please note - all columns are sortable. 

Once you have finished entering student time or viewing the student time summary don't forget to log out!