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Flex Portal Registration

This page will help you navigate the registration process for TRECA Flex.

Please keep in mind, the call and email volume is extremely high during the last few days of the summer school registration, and no late registrations will be accepted. If you have additional questions, email flex@treca.org or call 1-888-828-4798  ext 1149.

Getting Started

To continue or start a registration for the TRECA Flex program, visit: https://learnonline.treca.org

If it is your first time here, click "Create An Account"

If you have previously started an account, login using the left side of the screen. Please do NOT create multiple accounts for the same student. If you've forgotten your password try the link. If you do not receive an email, Email flex@treca.org or call 1-888-828-4798 ext 1149 if you need help accessing your account.

Creating a New Account

Student Information

Complete the Student Information form. 

Note the required fields are marked with a red asterisk, *. After all required information is entered, select the “Submit” icon.

You will see a message similar to the one below. The username is generated by the portal so be sure to write that down for further use. You created the password when entering the student information so also be sure to write that as well. To continue the registration, select the “Login and Continue” icon and be sure to login in using the supplied username and the password you created.

Parent/Guardian Information

Complete the Parent/Guardian Information form.

Note the required fields are marked with a red asterisk, *. After all required information is entered, select the “Submit” icon.

School Information

Complete the School Information form. 

Note the required fields are marked with a red asterisk, *. Typing one key word of the building name is typically the most helpful method to find the school’s name. Type the word you know will be correct, not a word that might be shortened, or hyphenated. If the deadline for enrollment is approaching and you cannot find your school listed, you may select “Homeschool (Homeschooled)” to finish the registration process then contact flex@treca.org to help correct the school name. Make sure to update this information as soon as possible and recognize that the school and counselor email is used to send all transcripts after the program ends. Below are some examples of key words from building names that may help you narrow your search. Grade levels between 7 and 12 will be the only accepted options for full registrations. If needed, you can use the school’s phone number as the fax number.

When all required fields are completed, select the “Submit”  icon.

This completes the registration of your account. From here on out, you can edit the guardian information to add an additional guardian if you want. Be sure to save any changes.

Course Registration

Any time you login at learnonline.treca.org you will see a Course Registration section.

From the drop down options, select the session for which you want to register. Please note that we will NOT accept any late registrations or payments for any of the summer, fall, winter, and spring 8-week sessions.

Agreement Checklist

Answer the questions and check the boxes agreeing to the terms of the program. If there are no items showing for the agreement checklist, click here to help solve the issue. 

If you see the following message, make sure each of the questions is answered and every square by the agreement list is checked.

After all questions are answered and all items are checked, select the “Submit” icon.

Course Selection

The page below allows you to select the course(s) for the program, scroll through to see all options. Make sure your school has approved any courses you plan to take. Select the “Submit” icon to proceed to the next step

Making Payment

Payment must be received before the deadline and no late registrations or payments will be accepted. Online payments must be made on PayPal, and can be done using credit or debit card with a guest account. This is a secure method of payment.

Click the pay now button to be directed to PayPal.

Your receipt for payment will come from PayPal via email at the account you use for PayPal or the email you entered when you paid by credit card.

Students will immediately receive a confirmation email from TRECA, as well as a getting started email one day before classes start. This getting started email will have everything you need to start your course(s), and is sent to both guardian and student email addresses. 

Managing Your Registrations

After you've registered, when you log in to learnonline.treca.org you can view your registration by clicking the word "here."

While registration is still open, you can use the screen below to register for more courses, by clicking "Registration Open". Additionally, if you haven't done so already, you can make payments for each sessions. Click "Pay for Courses" to do so.