i-Ready Quick Start Guide
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i-Ready Quick Start Guide

Initial Login

Go to https://cainc.i-ready.com/ and log in using the username and password provided to you. Note: These are case sensitive. Be sure to select Ohio from the State dropdown menu.

Click Go.

Choose a buddy.

Choose a theme.

Choose a subject (READING).

Click Start Test. Answer all questions until you arrive at the Congratulations screen.

Important Things to Remember

  • Parents, please help your children with technical aspects of the assessments, but DO NOT help with answers. We will use the results to target your child’s instruction to his needs, so we need to know what skills he/she has mastered and which skills still need work.
  • Students may take a break during assessments by clicking the button that looks like an X in a circle in the top, right-hand corner of the assessment screen. Student progress will be saved and the assessment will begin in the same place when the student logs back into the system.
  • Do your best work!
  • If you have any problems during the assessment, please contact your TRECA Advisor.

Instructional Path

Log into i-Ready as instructed above. You will see three tabs along the top. Click on them to open My Start, My Progress, or My Stuff.

  1. My Start: This button will launch the instructional path chosen for your child. Progress is saved at the end of each section, so be sure your child works through each one before logging out.
  2. My Progress: Choose either Summary or Detail.
    1. Summary: Students can see how many credits have been earned by completing instructional lessons. Credits can be used in My Stuff for various rewards.
    2. Details: Parents can see the lessons that have been completed and scores earned.
  3. My Stuff: This is for the kids! Using credits earned by completing instructional lessons, student can “buy” games to play as well as change their Study Buddy or Desktop theme.