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Edmentum/PLATO: Checking Class Progress

In this program, students and parents are responsible for tracking progress to make sure that all enrolled courses are finished by the deadline. This document will help you better understand how to monitor progress!


Go to https://login.edmentum.com/ and log in.

  • Account Login: treca
  • User Name: your username
  • Password: your password

Progress is instantly updated as you complete assignments. Progress can be monitored using Quick Progress Views or by accessing Progress Reports. First, we will take a look at the Quick Progress Views.

Quick Progress Views

The home screen includes a quick view of the progress made in each course. In the image below, the new symbol and the gray progress bar indicate that the course is new and has not been started.

The image below is an example of an Algebra 1A course that a student has started. The “new” symbol is gone and there is 11/66 (17%) shown above the green progress bar. This means that 17 percent of the course is complete. Lessons are marked complete after the Mastery Test has been completed. This does not indicate whether all Mastery Tests have been mastered with the 80% required score.

In the top right corner of the course there is a Current Grade and a Course Grade. The Current Grade shows only the average of all assignments that the student has completed so far. The Course Grade includes all requirements in the semester, whether they are complete or not. Edmentum/PLATO puts a 0% for any assignments yet to be completed. The Course Grade will increase as a student progresses, until all requirements are completed and all Mastery Tests are passed.

Click on All Activities beside the progress bar to see a complete list of modules in the course. In this view, we see the same progress bar is showing the class is 17% complete, with a Current Grade of 91.25% and Course Grade of 12.17%. We can also see by color coding which lessons are in progress or completed.

  • Gray = Not Started
  • Blue = In Progress
  • Yellow = Complete Not Mastered
  • Green = Complete or Mastered

*Please note that lesson completion does not mean that the Mastery Test is mastered. Students are expected to review and retake Mastery Tests until they earn 80% or higher on all Mastery Tests.

If you scroll down, you will see each of the lessons in Unit 1. The green lessons have been completed and mastered. The Exempt lessons are also green, and are marked with a blue star symbol on the bottom right to signify that they are exempt. Students are exempted from lessons based on their Pretest scores, and the Exempt lessons can be skipped. You are welcome to review Exempt lessons without it affecting your grade.  

This student should review and retake Subtracting Binomials and Monomials, which is marked yellow to show the Mastery Test has been completed, but only a 50% was earned on it. This student will also finish Multiplying Monomials and Binomials and take the Mastery Test, which is marked blue to show it is in progress.

If you click into a module, you can see progress on each part that module. In this module, the Tutorial is complete, the Application is not started, and the Mastery Test was attempted but not passed, and is now locked. 2 of 3 means there are two of three activities completed in this module.

Filter Bar

Use the filter bar at the top of the course home page to sort your course activities by their color coding.

Progress Reports

In addition to the quick progress views, the Learner Progress report is available for you to use for progress tracking. There are two ways to get access to the Learner Progress report. While in the “All Activities” screen, click on the View Progress Report button.

Or, while in the “All My Work” screen, click on the Create Progress Report link.

Understanding your Learner Progress Report Table

  • Title: Displays the assignment name followed by the unit, modules (lessons) and activities within the modules. Units will not expand to show the module view until the student has started the unit. Similarly, modules will not expand to show activities until the student has started the module. 
  • Completion: Indicates the progress made on the assignment; not started, in progress, or completed.
  • Exemption: Indicates if you are exempt from a module. *If you are exempt, you do not need to complete the module. Objectives from exempted modules might be covered on post-tests and the end of semester test; therefore, you may choose to complete the module to study before taking the tests.
  • Mastery: Indicates whether you have mastered the objectives of the module. Mastery on all Mastery Tests is set at 80%.
  • Completion Date: The date the module is complete.
  • # of Tries: Displays the number of attempts made to achieve mastery.
  • First Use Date: The date when you first launched the activity.
  • Last Use Date: The date when you last launched the activity.
  • Time on Task: The time in hours, minutes, and seconds that you have spent on an activity.
  • Score: Displays a score as a percent. A score of 80% or better determines mastery.

Remember that Completion and Mastery do not mean the same thing. See the example below of a lesson that the student completed but has not mastered yet. Note the score on the Mastery Test is 50%. This lesson is marked Complete, but the student should still review the Tutorial and retake the Mastery Test. Students are expected to review and retake Mastery Tests until they earn 80% or higher on all Mastery Tests.

Understanding Symbols Within Edmentum/PLATO

If you do not pass a Mastery Test with the 80% required, it will lock. Go back through the Tutorial and Application to unlock the test so you can take it again.

Based on the results of your Pretest, you may be exempted from some modules (lessons). If you are exempt from a module, you do not have to complete it.

This symbol shows that you have not started the assignment.

This symbol means that you have started the assignment, but have not completed or mastered it yet.

This symbol means that you have completed the assignment to the end.

This symbol means that you have passed the Mastery Test with 80% of higher.

Finishing the Course

All assignments specified on the course syllabus must be marked complete or exempt, and all Mastery Tests must be marked mastered in the course progress reports to finish the course. If you think you have completed your course, please contact your Advisor for verification.