Edmentum/PLATO: Checking Class Progress
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Edmentum/PLATO: Checking Class Progress

In this program, students and parents are responsible for tracking progress to make sure that all requirements for all courses are met by the deadline. This document explains how to monitor progress.


Go to https://login.edmentum.com/ and log in.

  • Account Login: treca
  • User Name: your username
  • Password: your password

Home Screen

When a student logs in, all courses will show on the home screen. The image below shows the home screen. If you have multiple courses, you may need to scroll down to see all courses

Checking Progress

The Course Grade shows the average of all required assignments and will include a 0% score for each of the assignments not yet completed. The Current Grade shows only the average of all assignments that the student has completed so far. Remember that any course that does not meet all requirements will show as an I (incomplete) on the transcript even if the current and/or course grade shows as passing.

To see more information, click on the course name. The progress bar for each course gives a quick overview of the assignments that have been completed. However, some completed assignments may need to be redone if the minimum required score was not earned. Except for the teacher graded drop box assignments, progress is instantly updated after it is completed.

At the top, you will see the color coded legend:

Gray = Not Started
Blue = In Progress
Gold = Not Mastered
Green = Completed

Most courses first have three introductory links or documents which typically include the syllabus, helpful information, and course resources. Then you will see the assignments for the courses which are often in units or folders. Select the “Show” icon for each unit or folder to see the assignments in that unit.

The example below shows the assignments in unit 1 for an English course. Assignments that are mastered or exempt will be green. Mastered assignments are noted with the solid gold star .

Exempt assignments are noted with an e in a blue star and are based on the results of the pretest. The score for an exempt assignment is 100%. Exempt lessons can be skipped. Students can review exempt lessons without it affecting the overall course and current grades. This student must review and retake the mastery test for “Tone and Mood in Fiction” which is marked gold since the score was a 40%. A minimum 80% score is required for each mastery test. This student must finish “Symbolism in Fiction” which is marked blue to show the lesson was started, but the mastery test has not yet been completed. The “Post Test” which is marked gray has not yet been started and must also be completed.

Additionally for Physical Education and English courses, the drop box assignment must earn a 60% or higher to earn credit for the course. Below is an image of a PE Dropbox that did not earn the required score and the student must reach out to their advisor to reset the Dropbox in order to resubmit the assignment.

If your course shows 100% complete like the image below, select the gold Not Mastered” icon to see any mastery tests that must be redone.

For each of those assignments, select “Show.”

Select the assignment name and then “Play” to complete the tutorial. Mastery tests can be unlocked by reviewing all of the slides in the tutorial. The cycle of completing the tutorial to unlock the mastery test for another attempt can be repeated as often as needed. Mastery tests must either be exempt or earn at least an 80% score.

Finishing the Course

Students and parents will want to verify that all assignments in all units and folders are green. To earn credit for the course, not only must the progress bar for the course show 100% complete, but every assignment in every unit and folder must show as green, and additionally for Physical Education and English courses, the drop box assignment must earn at least a 60% score. Courses that do not meet all requirements will be marked as I (incomplete), 0 credit. If you think you have met all course requirements, please contact your advisor or flex@treca.org for verification.